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The Veteran’s Resource Center is a Michigan founded, veteran run, non-profit charity serving the diverse community of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coastguardsmen; as well as their spouses, spanning decades of selfless service and loyalty to American ethos.

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Mr. Butchfink, he just wanted to help Veterans


Mr. Butchfink, he just wanted to help Veterans


Helping Veterans

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The Veteran’s Resource Center came about through the better understanding of the daily struggles that just one veteran had to endure to obtain benefits from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, seeking employment after honorably serving in this nation’s armed forces, and most importantly reintegration into family circles and the community. We believe that if just one veteran has experienced these hardships after returning from duty, it was most likely not an anomaly. After talking with local veterans, attending various seminars, and reviewing congressional reports, we learned that the problems are almost at epidemic levels and experienced by most all veterans. Thus, the VRC was born through a cooperation of local businesses in Southeastern Michigan to help veterans locate jobs commensurate with military skills, on the job training programs, or management career tracks. We aim to also help the veteran’s family readjust to a more normalized civilian life by helping them locate family support groups, child care centers, and even employment for the spouses. The Veteran’s Resource Center will grow as a community would and the services we offer will expand as the need is driven toward certain directions.