Basic On-The-Job-Training (OJT)

  • Management Career Track Training Programs

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Retraining

  • Commercial Driver’s License

  • Forklift Operator License

  • SAP Business Solutions Software

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CONTACT US   (734) 453-9300

Job Placement

  • Recruiting and Training to make veterans more hirable

  • Assistance in securing lifelong employment
  • Job Networking
  • Connecting with private employers
  • ​Opening new and exciting job opportunities

Resume Services (Writing & Review)

  • DoD Job Skill Identifier to Civilian Wordage Translation​

  • Basic & advanced resume writing skills
  • Review of resumes by leaders in human resource projects
  • Placement of resumes on statewide resume websites


Mock Interview

  • Military Skills Translations

  • Resume Building
  • How to address short and long-term goals?
  • Providing with basic & advanced coaching skills on job interviews
  • Mock interview with an interviewer on the same level as tentative job placement

Our organization currently provides veterans with the following services:​